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Services we offer:

Glacier series - High temperature exhaust coatings offering corrosion protection, performance increases and a thermal barrier. 


Piston coat - A thin film thermal barrier for application on pistons, valves, combustion chambers, exhaust ports etc.


Heat dissipating - A charcoal metallic grey (air cure) or semi-gloss black (oven cure) ceramic coating capable of dissipating up to 40% more heat versus the same surface uncoated. Applications include heat sinks, intercoolers, engine blocks, heads, radiators and air cooled cylinders to name a few.


Turbine coat - A thermal barrier intended for use inside turbine housings and other areas of extreme high temperatures.


C-Series - Air cured high temp coating for use on brake calipers and drums, heads, rocker covers and applications that would benefit from the corrosion and/or chemical protection Cerakote offers on substrates that are unable to be oven cured.


Micro slick - Micro slick dry film lubricant provides a low-friction surface for

metal-on-metal contact. Great for reducing friction on gears, piston skirts, screw compressor rotors and anywhere two metal surfaces rub together.


Ceramic clear coat - industry leading durability, hardness, scratch resistance, flexibility and chemical resistance, wear performance and UV stability. Cerakote Clears have been designed specifically to be the thinnest, yet strongest, clear coating on the market.


H and Elite Series - A line of ceramic-polymer hybrid coatings that is designed to provide

unmatched performance with an attractive and desirable finish. H and Elite Series coatings provide exceptional corrosion protection, hardness, adhesion, flexibility, impact, chemical and wear resistance on almost any substrate, all in a thin film thickness.

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